Creatives Join to Form One Club Philly – Philadelphia presents many conundrums.

by Katie Kohler — Posted on July 26th, 2018
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Why is Pennsylvania misspelled on the Liberty Bell?

What species is the Phillie Phanatic?

What’s a jawn?

“You got Third Street, then Two Street, then all of a sudden, boom, Front Street,” reasons Matt Paul, ADCP Vice President. The team of creatives at ADCP turned their attention to two possible culprits after letting their imaginations run wild—the Philadelphia advertising community or aliens.
Despite recent evidence of supernatural forces at play in Philadelphia—a Super Bowl victory and PPA forgiveness—ADCP believes the “colossal lapse in judgment” was caused by a lack of creative collaboration. Since they didn’t need to develop alien-fighting skills, they focused their mission on merging with The One Club for Creativity, a global organization that fosters creative talent.
“The partnership was just a perfect fit. It opens us up to a global network of creativity. It’s going to be incredible,” says Ryan Bonner, Muhlenhaupt + Company’s content strategist, and ADCP associate chair.
Bonner expects the partnership to yield more opportunities for the creative community like networking, portfolio reviews, and awards.“Some of the biggest people in the creative ad agency world are part of The One Club. Having that sort of access and financial backing will be huge for the Philadelphia advertising community,” adds Bonner.
Bonner joined ADCP last year after attending an “open kimono” event at WeWork in Philadelphia. He was immediately attracted to the diverse talent and the organization’s focus on executing fun projects.
“At Muhlenhaupt + Company we do an amazing job of blending strategy, content, and creative,” says Bonner. “Being a member of this community (ADCP now One Club Philly) exposes me to a completely different type of advertising profession.”
“Ryan Bonner brings a tremendous amount of energy and creativity that can’t be contained by our office walls,” says Adam Muhlenhaupt, principal and COO of Muhlenhaupt + Company. “His involvement with these types of organizations not only fosters his growth, but brings tremendous value to clients.”

The One Club for Creativity is a non-profit organization that “exists to support and celebrate the success of the global creative community.” It is built on the four core strengths of education, inclusion and diversity, professional development, and awards.


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